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Victorious Vegetarian - 7 Pouch Taster Box - 2kg

Victorious Vegetarian - 7 Pouch Taster Box - 2kg

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Healthy, nutritious vegetarian and superfood Taster Box

We know that there are dogs out there that cannot eat meat and many vegetarian hoomans that are desperate to have an healthy, balanced and nutritious vegetarian dog food option for their beloved pooches so we’ve pulled together this scrumptious, paneer cheese, oats, fruits, vegetables and superfood infused vegetarian Taster Box that your dog's tastebuds and tummies will love. All our packaging is plastic free and compostable. Love your pet, Love our planet!

This vegetarian Taster Box includes:
• 2 x Total Veggie Complete - 500g
• 2 x Total Veggie Pick 'n' Mix - 400g
• 1 x Veggie+ - 100g
• 1 x Fruity+ - 100g
• 1 x Tooty Fruity D-Lites - 8 sticks per pouch

SCRUMPTIOUS & HEALTHY - It’s the perfect mix of nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals, packed with paneer cheese, oats, fruits, vegetables and infused with superfoods including organic milled flax seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, kelp and coconut to keep your dog as healthy as possible for as long as possible
APPETISING & EASY TO STORE & SERVE - Our food is made with delicious, chunky, appetising paneer, fruits and vegetables in a plastic free, resealable, space saving pouch so you only have to defrost what you need when you need it
SUITABLE FOR ALL PUPPIES & DOGS - Our food is a complete diet for all dog breeds from puppy to seniors
ECO FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE WITH PLASTIC FREE & COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING - You can be rest assured that when you purchase a PetNatura product that you are doing your bit for the environment and our beautiful planet too as all our products are packaged in plastic free, compostable packaging and we even plant a tree in a reforestation project for every 10 orders we receive

Our food is delivered to you frozen and should be stored in your freezer and defrosted before use. Once defrosted please store in your fridge for up to 48-72 hours. 

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