Welcome to our raw dog food feeding guide!

Here's some useful guidelines and recommendations on how to feed your dog our raw food.

All our meat and vegetarian food products, except treats, arrive frozen and should be stored in the freezer.  Instead of one big block of unsightly meat defrosting in the fridge for days, we have made our meals into smaller portion sizes, which means you can simply defrost and feed what your dog needs on a daily basis. 

We recommend that feeding is always supervised and that you ensure fresh, clean water is always available.

As with all raw meat, it is essential to maintain high standards of hygiene at all times. This means washing your hands after handling any raw meat and thoroughly cleaning any surfaces upon which the meat has been placed. This includes your pet’s bowl when they’ve chomped down all their food, even if it appears as though they’ve completely licked it clean.


Per day, adult dogs need approx. 2-3% of their ideal body weight. For puppies under six months, it’s approx. 6-10% of its weight, and for puppies over six months, it’s approx. 3-6%. You may need to adjust the portion sizes either up or down depending on your pet’s weight, metabolism, etc.


As mentioned above, puppies under six months need at least twice as much food in relation to their weight than mature dogs. Not only does the suitable amount of food for a puppy depend on its weight, but it also depends on breed, metabolism, and a number of other factors.

Use our handy raw dog food calculator for dogs to work out how much your pet needs.

Feeding Calculator

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  • Benefits of feeding raw

    ✓       A relaxed happy pet

    ✓       Healthy and shiny skin and coat

    ✓       Improved energy

    ✓        Happier tummies

    ✓        Smaller, less smelly poops

    ✓        Improved hydration

    ✓        Reduced itching and allergies

    ✓        Better oral health and less smelly breath

  • Transitioning to raw

    ✓ When transitioning your furry friend to a raw diet, we recommend this is done gradually over a 7–10-day period so that their tummies have the time to get used to the changes in proteins and enzymes.