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If you’ve been searching for “raw dog food near me”, then PetNatura is the place to come. We provide a great range of healthy, nutritious, superfood enhanced natural raw dog food and treats to furbabies across England, Scotland & Wales, delivered to your door, all in sustainable packaging. Our food is suitable for all breeds, puppies, working dogs, fussy feeders or those with sensitive tummies.

Putting your pooch on a balanced raw diet is one of the best things you can do for them, eradicating preservatives and additives from their food and allowing them to benefit from all that nature has to offer.

All our natural raw dog food is available here. Come and add some to your doggy bag today!


Once you find your four-legged friend’s favourite foods, you can then start to invest in dog food boxes so you can get more for your money and we also offer a super simple subscription service where you'll get extra discounts for your loyalty too. Our multi-boxes contain anywhere from seven to 30 pouches, allowing you to stock up on your furbaby’s faves. Since our food comes frozen, you’re able to store it easily, but just remember to fully defrost it before serving!


Every pooch deserves a treat from time to time; however, in treating them, their health doesn’t have to take a hit. This is because we also provide natural, healthy dog treats and chews that are also perfect for training and can be bought in single pouches and tubs or in multi boxes for added value. We have a pawsome selection of tasty flavours packed full of natural deliciousness, including Pigs in Blankets, Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Fish that are perfect for dogs and puppies alike.


Our vegetarian dog food is ideal for doggos who have sensitivities and allergies to certain meats. We ensure that our vegetarian dog food is packed full of protein and nutritionally balanced so that your pooch doesn’t encounter any deficiencies and they’re able to enjoy a completely balanced diet even in the absence of meat!