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If you’re all about the Instagrammable Coconut Lane accessories, then get ready to take it to the next level with Cocopup! After all, who doesn’t want their phone case and watch strap to match their dog walking bag? Make sure you’re photo-ready on every dog walk with the Cocopup range at PetNatura! 

Cocopup Dog Walking Bags 

When it comes to walking the dog, a whole load of essentials is required that you wouldn’t keep in your day-to-day handbag. Therefore, for ultimate convenience, a specific dog walking bag is the way forward. Cocopup dog walking bags are designed with dog owners in mind, meaning there are a number of compartments suited to all manner of dog walking incidents. This includes a poop bag dispenser on the side of the bag and a mesh compartment on the inside to hold poop bags in place. 

Every Cocopup dog walking bag is crafted from water-resistant and wipe-proof material, making it easy to clean after even the muddiest of walks. This is in addition to a wipeable lining inside, allowing you to store the likes of muddy tennis balls and half-chewed bones inside. Last but not least, the bags boast external and internal compartments, allowing you to carry all manner of miscellaneous bits and bobs.  

Cocopup Bag Straps 

When walking the dog, the last thing you want is to have your hands full, which is where Cocopup bag straps come in. Simply clip your Cocopup dog walking bag to the strap, throw it over your shoulder, and you’re away! 

Cocopup Treat Bags 

Whether you’re training your furbaby or you need to reward them for a job well done, treats are essential on a dog walk. That said, the last thing you want to be doing is rummaging through a rucksack, searching for treats, and losing your pooch’s interest in the process. Cocopup treat pouches provide easy access to treats, making it easier than ever to maintain your doggo’s attention.  

Cocopup Bags Bundles 

Cocopup bag bundles provide the perfect combo of a walking bag, strap, and treat bag, equipping you with everything you need to create an Instagram-worthy dog walk. Not only do these accessories look great, but they’re also pawfect for their purpose, giving you the best of both worlds.  

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PetNatura is a proud partner with the gorgeous Cocopup, and we’re pleased to present you with all this super-stylish gear! Shop the collection above.