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Did you know that a dog’s carbon footprint can be twice as big as a 4x4 car? This hard truth was the driving force behind Beco’s mission. The brand works to provide pet products without placing too much strain on the environment. Here at PetNatura, we share the goal of reducing your pooch’s carbon footprint, which is why we’re official stockists of Beco products. We invite you to browse the range below and find eco-friendly Beco poo bags and Beco food bowls for your furbaby. 

Beco Poop Bags 

Whether you require 60 or 270 poop bags, we’ve got you covered. Similarly, if you need a handy solution to hold your poop bags, we also provide the Recycled Poop Bag Dispenser. Both the poop bags and dispensers are crafted from 100% recycled plastic, making them a friend to the environment. Additionally, the roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core that can also be recycled at the end of its lifespan. What’s more, the poop bags are extra-strong and leakproof, meaning you needn’t worry if you’re having to carry a bag for some time until you find a bin.  

Beco Bowls 

The range of printed Beco pet bowls boasts classic and simple designs, meaning the bowls can sit comfortably in any home. What sets them apart from standard pet bowls is the fact that they’re crafted from plant-based materials; however, they still remain hardwearing. Your chosen bowls will affect your doggo’s drinking and eating habits, making it that much more important to select the right ones!  

Beco Bamboo Pet Bowls 

As well as Beco’s printed bowls, you can find the Beco bamboo dog bowls at PetNatura. These bowls are also crafted from plant-based materials, including bamboo, and they’re sure to last for years in the home. All bowls have an easy pick-up handle and a non-slip base, making feeding time easier for both you and your furbaby. They’re available in a multitude of colours, meaning you can even find bowls that seamlessly fit in with your home’s aesthetic. Beco gives you the best of both worlds.  

Shop Beco Products at PetNatura  

Beco products allow you to care for your doggo and the environment in tandem, making them a worthy investment for any paw-rent. From food bowls to poop bags, Beco and PetNatura have got you covered. Discover the range that we have to offer above and find products that show your commitment to your pooch and the planet.