We are passionate about the benefits of feeding your pets a raw diet that includes a balanced mix of meat and protein, fruit and veg with additional superfoods and nutrients.   

The basis of our meals follows the BARF diet which comprises approximately 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal (80:10:10) and then we add a range of pet friendly vegetables, fruits and superfoods, which new research suggests can significantly benefit the health of your pets.

In addition, we are introducing a range of nutritionally balanced vegetarian options.  We understand that many people wish to have a lesser impact on the environment by going meat free and would like to enable the same for their pets whilst also ensuring your pet is getting all the protein rich nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy. 

We feed our human families a balanced, healthy diet so why aren’t we doing the same for our furry family members too?   This is where we step in and help you em’bark’ on this journey with your furbaby.

We have created 2 meal ranges:

The Supreme range, a complete meal for convenience that includes a balanced mixed of protein and vegetables together with additional vitamins and nutrients. 

Our Pick ‘n’ Mix range gives you the versatility to bring some variety to your pet’s mealtimes just like us humans prefer.    This range is made up of a main, side and treat, but don’t worry if you want to purchase any of these items individually, you can.   

✓        Mains – A protein only main dish with a choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian

✓        Sides – A choice of a vegetable or fruit superfood enhanced side

✓        Treats – Low fat, healthy and nutritious meat or vegetarian chews

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Keep it local, keep it British

Here at PetNatura, we are super proud of our British heritage and the amazing produce this country delivers so we are passionate about supporting British business and British farming in every way we can so ensure all our meat is responsibly sourced and 100% British.  The added bonus for us is that by sourcing our produce in the country as much as possible we are also helping to reduce our CO2 impact.

We have additional initiatives in place where we are driving our food suppliers to source as locally as possible and to focus on using those ‘wonky’ fruits and veg that would otherwise be thrown away.  Let’s cut the waste and reduce our environmental impact even further!  

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