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Natural Dog Treats and Chews

There are distinct reasons behind rewarding your furbaby with natural dog treats and supplying them with natural dog chews. Both are equally important for the health and well-being of your pooch. Here at PetNatura, we have developed ranges that respond to our mission to keep your beloved furry family as healthy as possible.  

That said, when should you give your pooch one of our delicious healthy natural dog treats, and when is it best for them to chomp down on one of our natural dog chews? 

Natural Treats for Dogs 

Our natural treats for dogs are usually given as a form of reward for good behaviour. They are consumed immediately and are generally bite sized. Although they tend to be small, it is important that the treats maintain the same high nutritional content of your dog’s diet. You can be confident that our raw diet dog treats fulfil these same values and are a great addition to your pooch’s overall health and well-being. 

Natural Chews for Dogs 

PetNatura’s natural dog chews are designed to encourage your pooch to do just that – chew. Dogs like to take their time over a chew. They are essential for good canine dental health, as the act of chewing encourages the production of saliva, which contains antimicrobial properties that keep your pooch’s teeth and gums clean and strong, and their breath fresh. 

Chews are also great occupiers for your furbaby. The right chew can keep an energetic pup occupied for hours, as well as providing them with essential nutrients to supplement their daily diet. 

They are also brilliant for younger teething pups who have a knack of finding your favourite pair of shoes to chew on rather than that musty old slipper that you saved exactly for this reason. So, for the sake of your wardrobe and your furniture legs, make sure you get in one of our natural dogs treat boxes. Our natural chews for dogs and puppies will keep biting puppies distracted, strengthen their dental health, and contribute to their overall physical well-being. 

Reward Your Pooch’s Behaviour with the Best Natural Dog Treats in the UK 

PetNatura’s range of natural dog treats is suitable for puppies and older dogs alike. Your pup’s boundless enthusiasm to please you will be duly rewarded with our range of training treats made from fresh fish or chicken or a combination of the two, with no added grains for a high-protein, tasty training treat.