Our Planet, Our Passion

We are passionate about being a game-changing force for good in the pet food market.

We love your furbaby as much as you do and we are on a mission to feed them healthy clean food whilst

offering game changing innovative solutions to protect our planet

We hope your pets can taste the love we have put into our products.

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Our plastic free packaging

We are fighting the fight for a healthy environment for us, our children and our pets, that's why all our food packaging is completely plastic free and either compostable or recyclable.

Our food packaging is made from compostable materials that are designed in a special way to biodegrade quickly in the presence of naturally occurring conditions such as humidity and heat.  In these correct conditions our packaging will biodegrade to 90% within 6 months, whereas plastic packaging could be around for 500 years.

See: Our global compliance

Plant your tree

Our pillars for good

  • We’re planting trees

    We're not satisfied with just swapping plastic for paper, we're going further to replenish those paper stocks we're using too.  After all we need trees to breathe so we can't just destroy them and not replace them in the fight to reduce plastic.  That's why for every 8 orders we get, we'll be planting a tree in a reforestation project in the UK.

    We’re so damn passionate about trees that we want to make it easy for everyone to be able to get these trees planted so we’ve created a quick link on our front page of the site to do this.  We know from personal experience that as much as we would all love to get involved in tree planting initiatives across the country, that these are not always practical.  You might live in an inner city and quite frankly not have the time to plant one either with the busy lives that we lead, so we’re making it easy for everyone to be part of our force for good environmental change.   You don’t need a pet and you don’t need to buy our products to take part. 

  • Keeping it local

    Here at Pet Natura, we are super proud of our British heritage and the amazing produce this country delivers so we are passionate about supporting British business and British farming in every way we can so ensure all our meat is 100% British.  The added bonus for us is that by keeping it in the country as much as possible we are also helping to reduce our CO2 impact.

    We have additional initiatives in place where we are driving our food suppliers to source locally and to focus on using those ‘wonky’ fruits and veg that would otherwise be thrown away.  Let’s cut the waste and reduce our environmental impact even further!  

  • Our working dogs

    Coming Soon – We are super impressed with our working dog community and plan on offering discounts for our legendary pets that have to work hard for their din dins.  The category of working dogs we aim to support include assistance dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, military working dogs, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs and herding dogs.  

    Plans for registering for the scheme will be provided shortly.  If this is something you would be interested in please contact us here and add details of your pets work and we’ll be sure to contact you as soon as the scheme launches.

  • Let’s Recycle & Reuse

    As part of our drive for sustainability we want a philosophy of recycle and reuse to be at the heart of everything we do.  That’s why all our products are shipped using a high performance thermal insulated wool insulation liner designed specifically for direct deliveries of frozen foods.  Don’t worry we’re not slacking on quality; our liners have been rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standards Agency.

    They are made from 100% felted sheep’s wool and sealed within recyclable food grade polyethylene wrap. We would love you to reuse this wool around your home and we’ve even listed some creative ways to do this. Alternatively, if you collect 8, (there are 2 in every box) then send us a message, we can arrange for you to send these back to us for no charge and we’ll make sure these are responsibly recycled. We’ll also throw in a 10% discount voucher to use for the trouble. Everyone’s a winner!