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Surf & Turf - 1kg

Surf & Turf - 1kg

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Yummy scrummy in doggo's tummy!

Delicious, fresh and healthy blend of chunky raw Herefordshire beef, beef liver and Cornwall sprats. Our dog food is made with high quality, fresh human grade ingredients that your dogs taste buds and tummies will love.

Features & Benefits
• 45% Fresh British beef (minimum 60% lean)
• 45% Fresh British sprats (minced)
• 10% Fresh British beef liver and bone
• 100% natural
• 0% grains
• No preservatives, fillers or by-products
• Recyclable packaging made from 30% recycled materials
• For a nutritionally balanced doggy diet please consider adding Veg & Superfoods or Supplements

Our food is delivered to you frozen and should be stored in your freezer and defrosted before use. Once defrosted please store in your fridge for up to 48-72 hours.

Ingredients: 45% Beef (minimum 60% lean), 45% Sprats (minced), 10% Beef liver and bone

Nutrition: Crude Protein 17.4%, Crude Fat 19.1%, Ash <0.1%, Crude Fibre 0.9%


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