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Organic Superfood Power Mix - 200g

Organic Superfood Power Mix - 200g

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Super scrummy BARF supplement!  

Our Superfood Power Mix is a blend of the finest organic superfoods giving your doggo a powerhouse of nutrition in a simple powder supplement.

What's Included
20% Organic Spirulina
20% Organic Chlorella
20% Organic Wheatgrass
20% Organic Barleygrass
20% Organic Kelp

Features & Benefits
• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve digestive health
• Great sources for vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins and antioxidants
• Natural detoxifier
• Can help reduce allergies
• Natural flea repellent
• Anti-inflammatory properties

Recommended Feeding Guidelines
1 gram per day for small dogs,
2 grams per day for medium-sized dogs
3 grams per day for large dogs.
4-6 grams per day for giant breeds

Ingredients: 20% Organic Spirulina, 20% Organic Chlorella, 20% Organic Wheatgrass, 20% Organic Barleygrass, 20% Organic Kelp


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