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Scoff Edible Cards

We hoomans all love to celebrate those special occasions for the favourite furbabies in our lives, from their birthdays to gotcha days and to help them get well soon when they’ve been poorly, not to mention times when you want to treat them just because you love them. That’s where Scoff Paper comes in: as seen on Dragons’ Den, these are the world’s first edible cards for dogs. They are yummy, contain no rawhide, and are just heaps of fun.

Scoff cards are available in a range of tasty flavours that are sure to trigger your doggo’s drool reflex. What’s more, they come in eco-friendly packaging, meaning you can show your commitment to your pooch and the planet in tandem! 

Edible Birthday Cards for Dogs 

Every dedicated paw-rent remembers the day that their furbaby came into the world, and what better way to show your appreciation for this special day than with an edible dog birthday card? Celebrate in style with their own edible, tasty, chicken-flavoured card that will bring tons of fun to any celebration. 

Edible Celebration Cards for Dogs 

Celebrate all those wonderful special occasions you have with your pawsome, pawfect pooch with one of our Scoff edible cards. Why? Simply because we love our dogs; these make such a fun, tasty treat that makes them feel extra special. As well as our edible birthday cards, we have bacon-flavoured get well soon cards for when your poorly pooch has been under the weather; this is sure to cheer them up once they’re back on their feet. This is in addition to our chicken-flavoured cards to celebrate their life-changing gotcha day and bacon-flavoured special occasions cards, just because we never need an excuse to treat our favourite furbabies. 

The Health Factor 

Scoff Paper contains omegas 3 and 6, and each card has only 26 calories. As a result, Scoff Paper is complementary to a balanced diet when enjoyed as an occasional treat. Scoff Paper recommends that your doggo only enjoys one card at a time; while they’re light treats that don’t contain anything nasty, your pooch should enjoy everything in moderation.

The cards are made of spuds, containing no rawhide or other such nasties. What’s more, they’re water-soluble, so the brand recommends having a bowl of fresh water nearby when feeding. Scoff Paper is also completely nut-free, meaning there’s no risk of reactions. Lastly, since puppies have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew, the brand recommends that the cards aren’t gifted to pooches under six months old. 

Shop Scoff Paper Edible Cards at PetNatura 

Do you have a four-legged friend in your life for whom you’d like to show your love and appreciation? If so, PetNatura and Scoff Paper have got you covered. Browse and buy from our range today to treat your furbaby on the most special occasions.